Library Books

Books on Morocco
Women, Society, History, Politics, Culture, Literature

Baker, Alison Voices Of Resistance: Oral Histories Of Moroccan Women ISBN: 0791436225

Davis, Susan S. Patience & Power: Women’s Lives In A Moroccan Village ISBN: 0870735047

Fernea, Elizabeth In Search Of Islamic Feminism: One Woman’s Global Journey ISBN: 0385475187

Mernissi, Fatima Dreams Of Trespass : Tales Of A Harem Girlhood ISBN: 0201489376

Doing Daily Battle: Interviews With Moroccan Women ISBN: 0813514177

Beyond The Veil: Male-Female Dynamics In A Modern Muslim Society ISBN: 0253204232

Islam And Democracy ISBN: 0201624834

The Veil And The Male Elite
ISBN: 0201632217


Bowen, Donna Lee and Early, Evelyn Eds. Everyday Life In The Muslim Middle East ISBN: 0253207797

Crapanzano, Vincent The Hamadsha: A Study Of Moroccan Ethnopsychiatry ISBN: 0520045106

Crapanzano, Vincent Tuhami: Portrait Of A Moroccan ISBN: 0226118711

Davis, Susan and Douglas Adolescence In A Moroccan Town: Making Social Sense ISBN: 0813513685

Dwyer, Kevin Arab Voices: The Human Rights Debate In The Middle East ISBN: 0520074912

Fernea, Elizabeth A Street In Marrakech ISBN: 0881334049

Munson, Henry The House Of Si Abd Allah: The Oral History Of A Moroccan Family ISBN: 0300050291

Rabinow, Paul Reflections On Fieldwork In Morocco ISBN: 0520035291

Rosen, Lawrence Bargaining For Reality ISBN: 0226726118

Waterbury, John North For The Trade; The Life & Times Of A Berber Merchant ISBN: 0520021347


Maxwell, Gavin Lords Of The Atlas ISBN: 071260068X

Porch, Douglas The Conquest Of Morocco ISBN: 088064057X


Waterbury, John The Commander Of The Faithful; The Moroccan Political Elite – A Study In Segmented Politics ISBN: 0231033265

Culture (Textiles, Food, Travel, Crafts)

Dennis, Landt and Lisl Morocco: Design From Casablanca To Marrakesh ISBN: 0517574209

Courtney-Clark, Margaret, and Brooks, Geraldine  Imazighen: The Vanishing Traditions of Berber Women  ISBN: 0500017387

Fiske, P., Pickering, W.R., & Yohe, R. Eds. From The Far West: Carpets And Textiles Of Morocco ISBN: 0295965940

Morse, Kitty Cooking at the Kasbah ISBN: 081181503X

Pickering, Brooke, Pickering, W. R, and Yohe, R. Moroccan Carpets ISBN: 1856691462

Wolfert, Paula and Gael Green Couscous And Other Good Foods From Morocco ISBN: 0060913967


Abouzeid, Leila Year Of The Elephant ISBN: 029279603X

Ardizzone, Tony Larabi’s Ox ISBN: 0915943727

Benjelloun, Tahar The Sand Child ISBN: 0345357108

Bowles, Paul The Sheltering Sky ISBN: 0880015829

Five Eyes ISBN: 0876854099

Gibb, H.A.R. Mohammedanism ISBN: 0198880170

Pickthall, Mohamed Marmaduke The Meaning Of The Glorious Koran ISBN: 9995712172


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