Class Schedule

Week 1 (1/5 and 1/6):  What does it mean to borrow symbols of another culture?

In Class:

  • Project and Class overview.
  • Visit to the Material Library
  • Presentation of Jim’s Work

Visiting Artist:

  • 1/6 – Rachelle Girard, former Peace Corps volunteer stationed in Morocco


WEDNESDAY (1/11): Ali: Fear Eats The Soul at 7pm, FLEET LIBRARY conference room (on the first floor); Dave will have pizza.

Week 2 (1/12 and 1/13): Who is the/our Audience?

In Class:

  • Presentations of Linking Two Words assignment and ‘Opposite Day’ drawing assignment.

Visiting Artists:


  • scan one image from the reference books available at the library and send it to me by Tuesday.
  • comment on the wordpress site (2 sentence minimum)
  • reading: Lost Lords of the Sahara

Week 3 (1/19 and 20):  Embassy Design in the ‘Age of Terrorism’

Visiting Artists:

  • 1/19 Art in Embassies and Architects from the Smith Group/Donnie Seale


Week 4 (1/26 and 1/27):  1-part mold and

In Class:

  • Studio Work and Individual Meetings


Week 5 (2/2 and 2/3): title tba

In Class:

  • Studio Work

Visiting Artists:

  • 2/2  Chris Bardt
  • 2/3 RISD Museum and Emily Peters


Week 6 (2/9 and 2/10): Final Reviews


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