Fez Handwaving

According to the historians of textiles, the oldest Moroccan lampases that still exist today date back to the 16th Century. Nevertheless, it is most likely that the weaving of lampases, on hand drawlooms, already existed in Fez in the 14th Century. Indeed, at the time of the Merinids, the diplomat, historian and philosopher Ibn Khaldun (1332-1406), who lived in Fez between 1354 and 1362, reported about the existence in the city (which was the capital of Morocco at that time) of prosperous weaving workshops under royal patronage. He explains that the weavers in these workshops were able to integrate the names of the monarchs as well as signs “in the fabrics themselves”, in other words that they produced figured fabrics. Ibn Khaldun adds that “this is performed by skilled handweavers, who know in advance where to introduce the threads in the weave”, which makes it clear that the looms in use were already hand drawlooms.
via Fez Handwaving


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